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Prana Vidya (Energy Healing)

Måndagar kl 9:30-10:30  (09:00-10:30 om du vill göra yoga innan) OBS Kan bli tidigare/annan dag...kontakta mig i så fall.

Gratis (150kr med en halvtimme yoga innan)

Beskrivning på engelska:


This is a private session with me. I have got an initiation into an ancient tantric healing technique that is called Prana Vidya. It is based on ujjay pranayama, visualisations and flow of prana (life energy). I will not be teaching the technique, just performing it while you relax.

I do not claim to be a healer with supernatural powers, on the other hand the work with energy is very real and at the minimum it has a calming effect.

Before you come to the session you should have a clear mind what you want to work on. It should be a concrete physical part of your body where you need healing or alternatively a general session to boost the energy flow in you.

The healing work is a free gift that I am happy to give and allows me to continue on my journey into deeper layers of existence.

As you anyway will be coming here, a short yogasession before the energy work is beneficial - different stretches and movements to loosen up the body. It's a private class so you have a chance to ask for movements to target areas that you need to work with the most. 


Instead of physical yoga before with me can you go for a longer walk in the morning or do some yoga at home for example.

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